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We have Labeled, Annotated, Enriched & Segmented over 100 million images and videos that power Computer Vision algorithms.

Our Services

2D Bounding Box

Identify items of interest, segment & localize them, making it easily recognizable for your AI models.

Semantic Video Annotation System

Pixel level annotation to segregate objects of a specific type for better model training, using semantic/instance/panoptic segmentation.

Polygons & Polylines annotation

We provide crystal clear image contours for accurate identification of objects. We help your models not to be tricked by those bends and corners.Be it Autonomous driving, drones or robotics, we got them all.

Object Tracking & Human Activity Tracking

We can help you automatically detect one or more human faces based on facial landmarks in an image or video. We can enable precise human activity tracking and any object to high levels of accuracy.

Detect & classify objects in your video with precision frame-by-frame.

Our solutions cater to retail, security, industries, smart Cities, and more.Partner with us to get hold of most reliable, efficient and cost-effective data annotation services.

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